Welcome to the Decision Dynamics Services List:

Strategic Team Checkup
This process aims to determine the extent to which an executive team's individual and collective behavioral styles and motivations fit the enterprise's strategy. Key leaders are interviewed to establish a clear picture of an enterprise's strategic objectives which, for example, might be associated with an organizational transition. Based on this information, behavioral requirements and motivational themes are identified that are needed to accomplish important objectives. Executives are assessed via interviews and online standardized assessments. Individual profiles, and the aggregated team profile, are compared to the behavioral and motivational benchmarks. A Strategic Team Checkup Report is presented to the leadership in which gaps are identified and developmental strategies are recommended to close any identified gaps.
Strategic Team Tuneup
Optionally, based on a Strategic Team Checkup, a team of professionals embarks upon a program of individual and team coaching tailored to assist the team close identified leadership and team process gaps. The engagement focuses importantly on assisting the team to effectively use its styles and motivational differences synergistically to accomplish key strategic objectives. Self-awareness is enhanced and working relationships are strengthened.
Executive Coaching
Our coaching process aims to assist an executive to develop a very high level of self-awareness. This awareness is tuned to enable the executive to gain insights into her/his unique talents and to recognize areas of potential improvement. In particular, the executive is coached to recognize the behavioral requirements of different kinds of leadership and decision-making situations. Special emphasis is placed on identifying situations calling for modes of behavior that differ from those the executive is most inclined to use as a matter of past experience, habit or training.
Recruitment Screening
Drawing upon years of validation research and experience in executive talent management, we build benchmark profiles tailored for the organization's culture and strategy. The benchmark profiles are used as templates to assist in the hiring process to determine a candidate's behavioral and motivational fit with the organization's unique culture and strategic objectives.
Succession Planning and Internal Placement
We assist the enterprise in building an assessment database and a comprehensive library of benchmark profiles for specific positions and functional roles. The system is setup so as to enable the organization to optimize its internal deployment of executive talent and to identify developmental needs for moving executive and management talent along the enterprise's leadership pipeline.
Knowledge Transfer and Professional Certification
To free the enterprise from dependence on outside consultants, we train and certify an organization's human resources professionals to independently utilize Decision Dynamics assessment tools and technology in a full range of talent management applications from recruiting to internal placement to executive coaching and team development.